Medical Fitness

Our medically backed Wellness department, which is supported by our Nutrition experts, enables our patients to maintain a healthy and fit body, and get rid of the excess weight and accumulated fats. The Clinics applies treatments and programs tailor-made to each patient using the latest medical technologies and programs to help in weight loss, fat break down, and body contouring through non-invasive, safe, and painless procedures.

Lipocryo is a new technology that results in localized fat reduction within a selective & noninvasive procedure.

Its particularly indicated for people with localized fats in a certain area.

Reduces the fat cells in a certain area by freezing.

Duration: 30min for 1 area.

Done once every 45 days

The number of sessions varies depends on  thickness of the fats in the area.

Velashape contours, shapes & slims the body.

Helps in: reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Reducing in circumferences.

Improving local blood circulation.

Skin tightening

Improving skin texture.

Body countouring

Its more for people with thick fat layer. It’s done on the area the patient suffers from.

Duration: 30-40 min depends on the area.

Done 2 times/ week

A minimum of 8 sessions should be done to see improvement which is 1 month program.


LPG is a slimming technique that reactivates the fat release process to erase localized fat imperfections.

Its highly recommended for people who suffer from water retention.

Highly recommended post liposuction.

Its more for people with superficial cellulite.

Duration: 35min

Done 2-3 times/week

Power plate is a vibrating platform used as exercise equipment.

We make a full body workout in 20min (its said to be equivalent to an hour and a half to any

other kind of workout)

Helps for reshaping the body and making it more firm.

Duration: 20min

Done 2-3 times/week


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